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World Premiere for ‘Drops of Breath’ Underwater Dance Performance in Greece two years of intensive research and rehearsing, “Drops of Breath”, an impressive underwater dance – visual performance, is getting ready for its opening in Greece, at Cape Sounio beach on September 25.

Drops of Breath - photo Carolin Negrin (5)The event, which will run until September 27, will include three dance performances implemented at 6 metres under the water, in the Cape Sounio sea, beneath the ancient Temple of Poseidon, in an underwater circular scene designed by George Georgiou, embraced by the original music of composer Trifon Koutsourelis. The performance will be experienced both by an underwater and a shore audience.

“The references are countless, ranging from graceful sea creatures to rebellious street dance to the wisdom of the stars. The distilled feeling during and after the show is a reassurance that we are all equal underwater”, says Nektaria Glinou, Ph.D. Education.

“It also provides us with an inspiration to spread the values of equality and fraternity on the surface of the Earth as well.”

The “Drops of Breath” team consists of 14 dancers, including three disabled dancers and three children, from France, Greece and Cyprus.

According to MS. Glinou, the tremendous difficulties presented to the dancers in underwater conditions will be surpassed by their synergy and their passion to find solutions against all obstacles.

During the performance, the audience will see images that alter the perception of time and space. The absence of a floor adds a new dimension to dance performance and the absence of gravity offers “wings” to the dancers.

“Drops of Breath” is an initiative of choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan (DK-BEL / France) and Apostolia Papadamaki (QuasiStellar / Greece), in partnership with Lia Haraki (Pelma / Cyprus) and a team of artists from 12 collaborating countries (France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Lebanon, Norway, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Sweden).

The innovative performance is part of “The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean” project, selected by the EU’s Creative Europe, Horizon 2020 Program, General Direction of Education and Culture.

Drops of Breath - photo www.panayischrysovergis (3)

Drops Of Breath-seagull-webSpecial instructions to the audience
The organizers, having taken care of all organizational issues both on the beach and in the water, inform that one can select from one of the following ways to watch the special performance:

1. As an underwater audience, with diving equipment at 6 metres underwater. If terms and conditions of the “Underwater Ticket” are met, the audience will be just a breath away from the underwater dancers.

2. As a snorkelling audience, able to have a panoramic view of the performance from the sea surface with a mask and fins. – Snorkelling Ticket

3. As an audience on the shore, enjoying the performance from a video wall while sitting on comfortable cushions on the grass, with a view to the Temple of Poseidon. – Screen Ticket

For information on the three types of tickets, press here.

Dates: September 25, 26 & 27, 2015
Venue: Attica, Cape Sounion, Grecotel Cape Sounio Beach
Parking: in the private parking of the hotel beach
Starting Time: 14:00.
Arrival Times: “Underwater Audience” at 12.00, “Snorkelling Audience” at 13.00, “Screen Audience” at 13.30
Information: /

DropsOfBreath-logoDrops of Breath is to be continued…
…out of the water, with part of the recorded underwater performance being projected on the surface of the buildings complex and the marvelous gardens of the Vorres Museum from October 25 to October 27, in parallel with an interactive with the audience dance and music performance.

The “Drops of Peace”  performance, the on-earth continuity of “Drops of Breath”, is performed by the same team of dancers and targets the creation of noetic bridges between the peoples of the Mediterranean through inviting the audience, children and adults, inclusive of persons with disabilities, to view it while moving in the gardens of the museum.

GTP is a communication sponsor of the event.

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