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Rodos, the Island of Sun

Internet sites today are so numerous it’s next to impossible to count them. Most are simple sites with specific product information. Then there are dedicated sites that take you into a world of unique knowledge complete with a plethora of beneficial and stimulating data., a geographical and tourism encyclopedia where you can punch in any Greek destination and find undreamed of information, strives to be such a site. One that is not only concise, with total and elaborate information for lovers of Greece, but also a comprehensive one with unqualified information that Greek destinations could readily use to create an overabundance of tourism brochures.

As an example, open and type in Rodos within the destination box and then select Rodos Island. This opens a door to almost infinite knowledge on the chosen place. You could surf here for days on end. Just to get an idea, check one of the 40-odd subtitles under the opened location, for example, “association equation.”

Here, you’ll find that Rodos is the “Island of Sun” and the reason why. This is the story: “In the early hours one morning the gods sat together on Mount Olympus and began to divide up the world among themselves. By noon they had finished and began a festivity with much food and drink. When the god Helios, the sun, arrived in the evening after his daily chore of warming and lighting up the world, they realized they had inadvertently forgot him. On remembering the sight of the island of Rodos as he rose each morning from the horizon, he asked for this bountiful land, if no one objected. They happily agreed and Rodos became the island of sun.”

If you hit the hyperlinks here you’ll find yourself within multiple pages of even more unsung information concerning the island’s mythology and history. Or click on the areas of the world colonized by the ancient Rodians: Balearic Islands (Spain), Neapolis (Italy), Akragas (Sicily), Perea (Turkey), etc.

For the potential traveler, this site is next to ingenious. There is nothing you can not find. You’ll learn and see everything and anything the island has to offer. Hit “information on the place,” for example. You will be surprised at the barrage of information available for travelers from the hyperlinks noted. Or try our topics on the Rodos Island lower home page: 601 tourism companies and organizations, 319 hotels and, for island hopping, our famous shipping schedules that take you through the full gamma of island hopping possibilities from Rodos.

All of the above refers to the island area in general. Similar pages are available for the island’s 119 areas of interest. And similar information is online for each and every Greek destination (our database holds more than 17,000 possible destinations) . You have to see and surf it in order to comprehend the depth of this infinite Internet site.

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