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A note by the publisher

The immediate after affects of the, until September 11, unimaginable attack against humanity by terrorists are grave for some. But tourism is perhaps the world’s strongest economic sector as people refuse to change their life styles: These citizens of the world will continue to travel and take holidays. Granted many will change their destination preference. Instead of long-haul travel they will concentrate on destinations closer to home. And instead of what they consider potentially dangerous destinations, they will select what they consider the safer ones. Tourism will continue to reign.

As a result of most major disasters, however, it’s the weak that suffer the most. In the tourism sector, these are the companies that were ‘sick’ prior the inhumane attack. And like the body, if the defensive mechanisms are weak to begin with any additional ‘virus’ will most likely place that body in a very difficult survival position. In Greece, our air transport and cruise sector fit into this category and are now paying the price, as will any other unhealthy tourism enterprise. Healthy enterprises, of course, will confront all repercussions resulting from the attack as tourism as a whole has nothing to fear from any ‘virus.’ The new year, 2002, we believe will signal a positive turning point for the Greek tourism sector.

Greek Travel Pages and its staff would like to take this opportunity to fervently wish our subscribers and partners in the trade a very distinctive New Year. One that is not only happy and prosperous but also one filled with new ideas, exciting new tourism products and a new optimistic view as we march just a little further into this thrilling new century.


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