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July Strikes Put Greek Tourism In Limbo

While Greece was already suffering a decline in visitor numbers, the tourism sector was tested in July with disruptions to flights and an ongoing strike by fuel-truck drivers that led to gasoline shortages across the country.

Domestic Tourism Promoted By Private Sector

A private initiative aimed to attract domestic tourism back to Greece that will impose absolutely no cost to the Greek government or taxpayer was launched in late July by the Alliance for Greece group.

Kalymnos… An Ideal Destination For All

Every Greek island has a special characteristic that works as an individual holiday attraction. What really makes a destination special is when that certain characteristic gains worldwide status… Kalymnos is considered one of the best destinations worldwide for rock climbing....

Tourists Skip Thessaloniki

A special promotional TV spot will be released for Northern Greece very soon, Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Yiorgos Nikitiadis said last month.

Tourists Have Second Thoughts On Visiting Athens

The revenue of Athens-Attica hotels (3-, 4-, and 5-star) fell by 3.6 percent from last year’s January-June period as a result of a 1.2 percent drop in the average hotel occupancy rate and 2.4 percent drop in the average price per room, according to the latest study of GBR...

Blue Flags For 421 Greek Beaches

Greece once again ranked second place on the Blue Flag quality award list among 41 countries, according to the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature. Spain is in first place.

Milos: Not Only Sun & Sea

Financial crisis, International Monetary Fund, tourism, holidays, Milos... Greece’s economic crisis made headlines throughout the international media and German magazine Focus decided to “be creative” and circulated front cover issues that depicted the famous Venus de Milo statue...

Greece’s Reputation Hits Bookings

Each country’s views on the crisis in Greece directly affects the tourist flow to the country, according to recent figures of research company GfK’s Tourism Panel.

Turkish Tourists Want To Visit Greece Visa-Free

Greece, as a Schengen country, cannot unilaterally abolish visa procedures as this requires a joint decision from all of the Schengen countries, Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas said in a recent interview to Turkish daily newspaper Sabah.

Greeks Travel Visa-Free To The U.S.

On 7 April the first flight on which Greek citizens were able travel to the United States without a visa left Athens following Greece’s accession to the U.S. Visa Waiver program in March. Greece was formally added to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program on 5 April.