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Elena Kountoura, Alternate Minister of Tourism

The fact that our country is listed among the 10 most visited destinations worldwide creates a great responsibility.

Christiana Kalogirou, Governor of North Aegean Region

North Aegean islands have the potentials to follow the contemporary approach of tourism development, which is based on financial, social and environmental sustainability.

Claire Zerzivili, President Aktina Travel Group

We are in great need of serious investments in infrastructure (e.g. regional airports, marinas) as well a sour services, in order to be able provide a state-of-the art competitive tourism product.

Theodoros Karypidis, Governor of Western Macedonia Region

For the Region of Western Macedonia, the tourist product is recognized as an important development tool, a tool which will help to form a new identity.

Leonidas Zotos, Country Manager Travelport

Travel and tourism industry is a pillar of the economy and life of our country and we have the responsibility to drive the upturn.

Yorgos Kaminis, Mayor of Athens

Athens is making an impressive comeback to the international tourism and travel market, experiencing an average 26% increase in the number of foreign visitors in 2015, one of the largest growth rates recorded globally and in particular, in Europe.

Yannis Boutaris, Mayor of Thessaloniki

Nearly 1 million hotel room nights were purchased in Thessaloniki in 2009 and more than 2 million last year. We have finally begun to put Thessaloniki on the map as a destination, but we need a goal for more tourists.

Gerasimos Zacharatos, Dep. Secretary General Tourism Ministry

The ministry is here to develop and facilitate entrepreneurship. We are available to assist all tourism-related fields and occupations so that the final product will be flawless when it reaches the consumer.

Panos Livadas, Secretary General Greek National Tourism Organization

GNTO’s strategic shift in the communication policy towards the web, the online providers and the social media are playing a crucial role, while at the same time we have started moving away from the seasonality of the Greek product, as the demand for the shoulder months is growing.

Dr. Andreas A. Andreadis, President Greek Tourism Confederation

Now, that Greece is at a crucial crossroad, it is important to create and implement a framework of activities to tackle over-taxation, tax evasion and support the State to the implementation of the relevant reforms.

Georgios A. Tsakiris, President Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

It is imperative to make every effort to upgrade our infrastructure, to raise our services to higher standards, whether we work in the public or private sector and thus to ensure the best possible satisfaction of the visitors in our country.

Yiannis A. Retsos, President Hellenic Hoteliers Federation

The pricing policy of Greek hotels once again strengthened, to a great extent, the coordinated effort to keep demand going, as most hotels responded to the capital controls, at the peak of the season, with discounts and offers.

Lysandros Tsilidis, President HATTA & FedHATTA

Travel agencies, on an international level, are the producers and distributors of the tourism product and are principally engaged in composing individual tourist products as well as promoting, advertising and selling them.

Michalis Sakellis, President Association of Greek Passenger Shipping Companies

If we wish to build for the future, passenger shipping should be integrated in the long-term national development strategy.

Konstantinos Palaskonis, President Pan-Hellenic Federation of Tourism Enterprises

Greece, despite its problems, is starting to establish its brand as a top tourist destination.

Konstantinos Brentanos, President Confederation of Greek Entrepreneurs for Tourism Lodges

The objective is to upgrade infrastructures and boost the local economy within the margins of a balanced development.

Dinos Frantzeskakis, President Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives

Greece has a tremendous advantage against competing destinations, due to the diversity of its tourist product offering, not only between the mainland and the hundreds of islands, but also between the islands themselves — depending on their geographical location.

George Maroutsos, President Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies

Recent decisions of major carriers to redesign their relationship with GDSs as well as to switch costs in other parts of the distribution chain — in particular to travel agencies — are of major importance. The consequences of similar decisions and the instability they are causing...

Antonis Stelliatos, President Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association

Even though today Greece faces economic woes, the Greek yacht charter market is maintaining a steady flow of business thanks to the natural beauty of our country with its fabulous cruising area.

Dinos Astras, President Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organizers

Tourism always was, is and will remain the lighthouse in Greece not only for hope, but also for salvation in every difficult period.