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Greek Breakfast Aims To Benefit Tourism

Through Greek breakfast, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels aims to highlight the local culture, ingredients and recipes of each Greek region and give tourists the chance to take “a little bit of Greece home with them.” Considering that breakfast is widely regarded as one of the most...
Posted On 26 Sep 2012

ARTION Brings WACS Congress To Greek Capital

Greece will establish its prominent position in the international gastronomic scene and introduce its cuisine, culture and traditions, as, in less than four years, Athens will be the first European city of the Mediterranean to host the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)...
Posted On 01 Aug 2012

Heraklion Makes A Comeback As A Homeport This Summer

With Costa Cruises homeporting this summer in Heraklion (Crete), leading international cruise officials have expressed optimism in choosing the cruise destination as a homeport for non-European Union flag cruise ships now that the cabotage law has been lifted in Greece.
Posted On 01 Jul 2012

Amadeus Turns Crisis Into An Opportunity For Greek Travel Agencies

Although Greece in the midst of its fifth year of recession, Amadeus tells us that travel agents are not held back from pursuing online business opportunities.
Posted On 01 Jun 2012

Altair Travel Agency Enters The Online Travel Market

Altair Travel Agency, an office with a 30 years of experience in the incoming and outgoing travel market, has recently launched a new B2C website:—an online system that provides a variety of travel services to the Greek and Cypriot public in the most efficient way.
Posted On 01 Jan 2012

Argo Travel Launches B2B Travel Portal

Argo Travel, one of the very first travel agencies in Greece approved and certified by IATA, recently designed and launched a new B2B website, providing players in the travel trade with professional and reliable travel-related services.
Posted On 01 Sep 2011

Travelport To Expand In Greek Market

The tourism sector in Greece may have saw rough times last year as a result of the global economic crisis but global distribution system (GDS) provider Travelport Greece says it is “a strong believer in the future of Greek tourism.
Posted On 01 Jan 2011

Amadeus Hellas Stands Strong Amid Crisis

“It’s clear that Greek economy needs tourism—one of the most important industries in Greece—to grow,” Eva Karamanou, general director of Amadeus Hellas, told GTP. The Greek tourism industry is currently under tremendous pressure in regards to the economic crisis and competition...
Posted On 01 Jul 2010