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Tourism Accommodation Body Calls for Inclusion of Greek SMEs in Funding Programs

rooms-to-letSmall- and medium-sized tourism businesses should be able to tap into development programs in order to ensure the quality of services offered and gain added value, the president of the Greek Confederation of Tourist Accommodation Enterprises (SETKE) Panagiotis Tokouzis said on Sunday.

Addressing SETKE’s first open congress held on the sidelines of the ExpoHotel last week, Tokouzis reiterated his stance that SMEs in accommodation should be awarded certification and classification while being able to qualify for funding.

Speaking at the event, Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura announced that a new financing program to support the establishment of SMEs in tourism is set to run in the coming year.

Besides referred to the challenges faced by small- and medium-sized hospitality facilities including the adverse economic and business environment, exorbitant taxation, increased operating costs and unfair competition from illegally operating tourism enterprises, Tokouzis also presented SETKE’s action plan for the new year.


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