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International Hellenic University Offers Post-Grad Tourism Studies

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The Thessaloniki-based International Hellenic University (IHU) announced the launch earlier this month of its post-graduate studies program in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

The two-year program in English provides education in tourism and hands-on experience in management and strategic issues. Being an ideal location to study Hospitality & Tourism, Thessaloniki specifically and Greece in general provide the perfect ground for study and practice.

International Hellenic University“If hospitality means transforming strangers into friends, then you’ve won over a friend,” Dr Marc Stierand, assistant professor at Switzerland’s University Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, told 36 post-graduates during his first class.

The core areas of study include Hospitality and Tourism Operating Systems, Tourism Management, Financial Management for Tourism Development, Services Marketing, Quantitative and Research Methods/Tools for Business Analysis, Strategic Management in Tourism, Environmental Management in Tourism/Sustainable Tourism, Human Resources Management in Tourism.

In the meantime, the IHU also offers Master’s students the opportunity to attend a series of seminars and workshops by sector professionals on hospitality and tourism management issues. Post-graduates will also have the chance to participate in field trips which include sessions with directors of luxury hotels and meet face-to-face with employers to discuss internships as well as full- or part-time employment.

The program is offered with the support of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and sector professionals.

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For more information, contact the IHU on +30 2310 807528 or e-mail at


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