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‘Dodeka’ Action Plan to Establish Greece as All-year Tourism Choice

HATTA_dodeka_1In efforts to make Greece an year-round tourist destination, the Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies (HATTA) announces the launch of “Dodeka”.

HATTA_dodeka_2Translating into “12”, the action plan includes itineraries for every month of the year, inviting holidaymakers to participate in everything from Olympic sports and street festivals to sailing Greek seas and walking the trails of the 12 mythological gods of Mt Olympus.

Athens, Thessaloniki, Naxos, Aegina, Delos, Ancient Olympia, Dodona and Pella, are primary spots on the routes, which will also include lesser-known destinations.

In the meantime, an online platform will offer information and details about the monuments and sites included on the selected itineraries.

Religious tourism is also among the highlights of the “Dodeka program”, as is urban tourism, street festivals, sea & sun plus eno- and culinary tourism.

The initiative also foresees the “twinning” of Athens and Thessaloniki with major cities abroad, paving the way for inter-city cultural collaborations. Paris, Rome, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Kiev and Munich – already enjoying direct connections via Aegean Airlines – top the list with the aim to exchange culinary, art, music and dance experiences.



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