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Minister Says To Entice Tourism From USA And China

Ministry of Development Akis Tsohatzopoulos says he will put the stress on invigorating incoming tourism from the U.S., which has been downgraded to a great extent the last few years.

“This (new) road will use a new-type promotion, different from the one we used to do up until today. We must make known our presence with offices (branches), representations (agencies) and communication centers in a different form of information and diplomatic tourism relations with the U.S. community. In parallel, of course, we must invest seriously in advertising. It is a new effort that will last for at least three years,” Mr. Tsohatzopoulos said.

In the meantime, he said positive messages come from the Chinese marketplace as a new spirit of cooperation is being established on the occasion of the Beijing Olympic Games of the year 2008.


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