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Greek Tourism Museum Planned

Greek Women in the Tourism AssociationAn association made up of Greek women in the tourism profession recently decided to create a Greek tourism museum somewhere within the central Athens area.

Already, the association of Greek Women in Tourism has formed a special committee that will meet with Culture Minister Elizabeth Papazoie and Athens Mayor Demetris Avramopoulos. The committee hopes one of the two will donate a building to house the museum.

Once premises are secured, the committee will go ahead full speed to find “artifacts” for the museum. So far, the committee acquired promises for the donation of historical tourism documents and photographs. And there lots more to be found.

Tourism in Greece began well over 2,500 years ago. The most well-known tourism guides were written between 160 and 180 AD by Pafsanias. He wrote at least 10 books on travel within Greece, as well as a number of volumes on travel to Asia Minor, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Italy.


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